LUO MAN from Kenya wins Kes 6 Million after placing bet with Kes 400, uses Kes 10,000 as tissue in the toilet. Here is simple strategy he used to win


Peter Otieno, a man from Kenya, gained widespread notice for his impressive win in a high-stakes bet. Yet, concerns arose when it was revealed that he utilized some of his winnings as toilet paper.

Otieno embarked on his journey by placing a daring Bet on a football match, opting for the underdog despite facing unfavorable odds.

Contrary to all expectations, his chosen team emerged victorious, awarding Otieno an astonishing windfall of Ksh. 6 million. His unforeseen success quickly propelled him to local fame, with media outlets eager to share the remarkable details of his win.

When questioned about his key to success in Betting, here’s what he had to share.

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