“Lakini Muhindi” Miguna Criticizes Babu Owino After Holding A Rally In Kisumu


“Lakini Muhindi Thug, Babu Owino aka Babu Patel, is a twisted drug addict with zero sense of strategy. How does he dream of becoming a Luo King Pin when he is not a Luo, traces his origins to Punjab, and sends a Koinange Street whore to abuse his party leader, RailaOdinga, on X and Obinna Show, and the only decorated 5-Star General from the Luo Nation? Have Luos ever accepted to be led by a jamua, or Abonyo momer?

(Abusing my children whom he doesn’t know and will never be at his level, isn’t a strategy, either; is it?)

He needs to consult plastic surgeons to help him chop off his muhindi nose and paint his skin BLACK before I can donate a few minutes of my busy schedule to speak about him.

This is my last comment on Mr. Patel, Junior”, Miguna said.


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