Kisumu man wins Kes 8 Million from Sport Betting, dumps wife of 6 years for a slayqueen


Stephen Oloo, a Kisumu resident has surprised many after he won Ksh. 8 Million from Sport Betting and dumped his wife of 6 years for a slayqueen. The former primary school teacher had placed Kes 500 on 11 sure matches and won the huge sum.

Despite most gamblers losing their hard money to Betting, there are a few who using proper strategy end up benefiting big time. Stephen attribute his success to gambling to a prediction platform called SokaFans that he say he has been using for his daily winnings.

For Beginners, SokaFans is a prediction platform that connect gamblers to profitable tipsters. These tipsters are thorough ranked and evaluated according to their success rate making it easy for gambler to buy from the profitable ones only.

“I started Betting in 2017 but have never won any substantial amount. In most cases i used to lose than i won which made me depressed. However my turning point happening when i came across a prediction platform called SokaFans early last year while browsing through the internet. At first i thought it was a scam site but have buying successful predictions from them for a week, i was convinced i had landed on a genuine platform. Apart from daily predictions, SokaFans also offer midweek and Mega Jackpot prediction that wins bonus like every week. Personally i have never seen a platform like SokaFans ever since i started Betting,” narrates Stephen.

“With SokaFans i always win on daily basis with a few loses here or there.  I have invested the money i made from gambling into very successful investment that are making good profits every month. I don’t know how my life would have been if it was not for SokaFans. It is a real and legitimate platform that i could urge other gamblers to take advantage of,” he adds.

With proper analysis, many gamblers can reduce their chances of losing ,but relying on pure guesswork is the most sure way to lose your money.

If you wish to make some extra income through Betting, Visit SokaFans and Get Started. You will thank us later.


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