Kenyan man narrates how he makes Kes 50,000 everyday through Betting using this simple strategy. Bought two cars and built a 4 bedroom house.


 If you had told 37-year-old Julius Mutuku that he would find success in life, he wouldn’t have believed you. At the time, Julius was a father of three and ran a butchery in Machakos. Despite trying his luck with gambling for over five years and often losing money, his fortunes changed dramatically when he stumbled upon SokaFans, a remarkable football prediction website, in the middle of last year. He recounts his journey to success during our initial encounter.

“I am Julius Mutuku, 37 years old, and a father of three children. Initially running a small butchery shop, I turned to gambling to boost my income. Unfortunately, I faced consistent losses, leaving me disheartened. Desperate for a change, I resorted to purchasing tips from unreliable sources, but they never paid off. However, my luck took a turn for the better when I came across SokaFans, an exceptional prediction platform. SokaFans stands out due to its array of successful tipsters who offer affordable Betting predictions. What sets SokaFans apart is its grading system for tipsters, based on their track records, making it easy for gamblers to find reliable advice. After trying it out for a week, I was pleasantly surprised to win every Bet, finally discovering a dependable prediction platform,” he narrates.

“For the past five months, I’ve relied on SokaFans, and I’ve consistently been winning almost every day. My strategy involves reducing my odds while increasing my stakes, which has been crucial for success in Betting. Unlike Bets with odds of 10-20, which can yield significant winnings, the likelihood of winning with odds of 300 is quite slim. On my best days, I walk away with over Ksh 50,000 in cash. Thanks to these earnings, I’ve been able to construct a four-bedroom house for my family and acquire two cars. It’s hard to imagine how different my life would be without SokaFans. Betting has also provided a boost to my business ventures,” he continues.

In the midst of today’s challenging economic climate, online platforms like SokaFans are making a notable impact on people’s lives, especially for those who have lost their jobs and primary sources of income. Becoming a tipster on SokaFans doesn’t require any upfront investment; you only pay a small fee when your predictions are bought. For individuals proficient at predicting matches, this provides a dependable way to earn passive income. Recently, a student from Nairobi shared how he earns Kes 200,000 monthly by selling his Betting predictions on SokaFans.

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