Jeff Mwathi had Severe Fractures, Government’s Pathologist Reveals


The government’s pathologist Johnsen Oduwor today did his investigation on the death of Jeff Mwathi. According to the samples which were collected by the government’s pathologist, it was revealed that Jeff Mwathi died from severe fractures. “He died from severe fractures, had a broken neck, samples taken to determine if he was sodomized”, the government’s pathologist Johnsen Oduwor told the media.

Coutesy photo of Jeff Mwathi

The body of Jeff Mwathi was exumed for the investigation by to be done. This has come when her mother collapsed while addressing the media today. The director of criminal investigation Officers are currently continuing with the investigation so that they can give justice to the family of Jeff Mwathi.

It is now time for all kenyans to stand with the family and friends of Jeff Mwathi during this hard time. Let us pray for the family mostly the mother of Jeff Mwathi. Rer in peace the late Jeff Mwathi.

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