I Was Conned My Salary Of Ksh70,000 From My Bank And Was Left With Nothing To Survive On


My name is Amos and a month ago, I lost my January salary to conmen through my bank account. It was really one of those low moments in my life.It was on the 28th of January and that is the usual pay day in our company. One woman called me and told me she was from the bank and that she just needed to ask me a few questions so as to ensure that my account was safe.

At first, I did not believe her but she told me my full names and where I worked and I kind of believed her because that’s the information any bank should know about their customers. She asked me when I last accessed my account and I told her and also asked me my son’s first name and I naively told her.

Few hours later, I do not know how she did it but can you imagine the con woman managed to withdraw my month’s salary of KSh 70,000 and left me with absolutely nothing to survive on. I just got a message on my phone saying that the transaction of KSh 70,000 was complete. I was left startled such that I could not talk.

My wife advised me to rush to the bank to report the fraud to see if they could help me recover the money that had been stolen. On reaching the bank, however, nothing helpful happened. The bank officials took some information from me and asked me to wait for the investigations.Three days passed with no progress as the bank told me they were sorry but they could not trace the perpetrators.

On the 5th of February bills started knocking in and I did not have any money to pay the landlord or the electricity, water and food bills.The landlord did not understand my situation and even threatened to throw my family from his house. The situation was becoming helpless and everyone I called to beg money from said he did not have.

Two days later my wife came home and told me she had a solution to my problem.“Sweetheart, the only way to catch those wretched cons is by visiting Doctor Mugwenu who will teach them a lesson that they will never forget and also return your money, “my wife said.I gave Doctor Mugwenu a call and told him of what happened to my salary and he asked me to relax because he had the exact solution to my problem.

We visited his workplace the next day together with my wife and he performed a revenge spell which would make lives for the cons a living hell such that they would have no other choice to bring back my money. True to his words, a day after we visited the Doctor, I got a call from the same woman who had called me a week ago while stealing my money.“Please forgive me, I stole your salary but now, my life is unbearable.

My breasts have become so huge and my whole body is just itchy and I keep getting these acoustic voices ordering me to bring back your money,” she said.I asked her for an extra KSh 30,000 as compensation for the emotional torture she had taken me through and she did so. My salary was returned plus the extra money and I was able to offset all the bills that I had.


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