“I have Always Wanted To Do Sx With You Because You Are Séxiér Than My Wife” I Caught My Husband Having Sx With Our House Girl On Valentine’s Day


My name is Beatrice and I know how everybody loves Valentine’s Day because that’s the day we get to actually celebrate those whom we love especially our husbands and our wives. That was still the case with this previous valentine.

Unfortunately, since it was still a week day, I had to go to work and since my husband wanted to take me out for a date, I told him to pick me after work so that we could go out and celebrate our love. He was managing our family business and so it was easy for him to come pick me.

On that Friday, I was so excited and I even told my colleague at work that my husband would pick me and take me to Java. At around 5.30pm when I was done with work, I called my husband to ask him to pick me so that we could head to town for our date.I tried him like five times and his phone was off.

I waited for another 30 minutes and still his phone was off. I tried calling the house help to ask her where my husband was but coincidentally her phone was also off. I tried to be a little patient but when 7pm reached, I was tired of waiting and I was even scared that something bad had happened to my hubby.

I was disappointed and decided to go home and check why he had failed to come for me as we had agreed. I took a Matatu to Lavington, our home, which was not far away from the company where I worked. Our house was on the fourth floor of the apartments. From the ground floor, I could see that the lights in my house were on.I took the stairs and when I reached in front of my door, I heard the music was full blast in my house.

I entered and there was nobody in the living room. I tiptoed to the bed room and that’s when I found scene that I have never forgotten. At the door of the bedroom, I heard my husband and house girl shamelessly having sex. They were screaming in pleasure and that was why they had put the music very loud.“I have always wanted to have sex with you because you are sexier than my wife,” I heard my husband tell our domestic worker as he was thrusting every corner of her private part.

Anger immediately rose in me and I could not imagine that they were both having sex on our matrimonial bed. My husband had failed to take me out on a date on Valentine’s Day so that he could screw our house help? I was so embittered. However, the courage to confront them disappeared and I left the house while crying not knowing what to do.

I called the colleague whom I had told that my hubby would take me for a date and told her that I found my husband and house girl having sex on my matrimonial bed.She advised me to quickly call Doctor Mugwenu and tell him of what had transpired. She said he would help me teach the two a lesson by sticking them together in pain. She sent me his number and I called him, and told him of what had transpired.

He told me he would cast a spell that would immediately interlock them together.He did so and in a matter of minutes, I heard a loud wail coming from the bedroom. They were both screaming that they were stuck and in pain. I then entered the bedroom and they almost fainted when they saw me.

They were in so much pain and they were screaming.My husband started crying and asking me to forgive him. About an hour later Doctor Mugwenu unstuck them and I chased the girl out of my house. My husband said he would not repeat again and I therefore forgave him.I advise anyone with a similar problem to visit Dr. Mugwenu.

Man a woman

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