I didn’t Steal Your Woman, I Took Her Away From You


I didn’t steal your woman, I took her away from you.
You remember the time you spent the whole day without checking up on her.
I checked up on her every minute to make sure she’s fine.
The time you neglected her and didn’t give her attention.
I gave her my time when she needed company.
I gave her my ears when she needed someone to talk to.
I gave her my shoulder when she needed to cry.
The more you tried to hurt her was the more you brought her closer to my arms.
While you thought she had sleepless night, I was making sure that she doesn’t go to bed with broken heart and tears in her eyes.
While you thought she’s crying over you, I was cracking jokes for her and saying Corny things that makes her laugh.
You even thought she’s gonna chase after you. we were busy enjoying each other’s company and you were our last worry. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more updates.

Men, never treat your woman like other men won’t fall for her.
If u don’t appreciate her love and her respect ,another man will.

Every woman needs to be loved❤️👑

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