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Here Is A Discussion On Marital Intimacy


As we might all already know that girls only want and enjoy sex with a man whom they have high feelings for. In the honeymoon phase when they are highly attracted, they do not mind even 50 times a day. But feelings are unstable, they come and go. On the other hand, men do not need high emotional involvement to enjoy coitus.

So as is the common case, when the girl has lost feelings while in the marriage, and she rarely wants sex anymore leavings the man underfed. What would you do in this situation, imagine it’s been three weeks, the girl has not been in the mood while the big man is starving. Which option will you take?

-Will you just maintain that you are not in the mood and continue starving him because you only want sex where you both enjoy.🤔
-Will you just sacrifice and give it to him because it is an obligation and to prevent him from cheating.🤔

-Will you just understand the fact that it is unfair to persuade someone into having sex with you frequently when they are rarely in the mood. So you just stay horny and loyal. 🤔
-Will you just understand that you can not force someone into sex, so you just go outside and have it.🤔

Both genders should participate and avoid dodging the question when answering, you can not guarantee that you’ll forever be in the mood till death.

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