He has Been Having Sex With A Beautiful Dead Girl In The Mortuary


I was shocked when Victor told me that he has been sleeping with beautiful girls corpses in our mōrtuary.

I warned Victor to stop but he didn’t agree, I knew the reason why I warned him several times because sometimes, something unimaginable happens in that m ō r t u a r y.

still, I continued to warn him to stop but it didn’t heed my warn until the tragedy that Happened to him last night.

so I’ve been working on one hospital
m ō r t u a r y in lagos state since I haven’t been able to find a suitable work for myself.

I couldn’t believe that I will later work in
m ō r t u a r y just because of their high salaries and wages.

at first I was confused, how could they pay so much money in just ordinary m ō r t u a r y..

I started working there immediately, because i won’t dream of letting that kind of opportunity to pass me!

but something was weird which kept me thinking too much about accepting the job offer.

before you could start working in there, you must sign a contract which states that you won’t be allow to resign until you work in there for a year.

I was worried about it but didn’t subscribe much to the reason.

one day at night, i’ve finished with my work for that day and was about to leave when someone said to me..

“hey, Makuo. you forgot to bath me today”.. the voice came from my back.

as I turned, it was one of the dæd people at the m ō r t u a r y! I was shocked! I ran as fast as I could while she still calls my name.

I came very early in the morning and told our manager who was in charge of the
m ō r t u a r y ward that I’m resigning from the work.

“it’s like you’ve forgotten the contract you signed which states that you cannot resign from the work until one full year”.. he said.

that’s when I remembered the contract I signed, I was dumbfounded, didn’t know what to do.

I started being too wary as I works, and because of what happened that night, I started leaving from work before night breaks.

I’ve been working there for 5months now while praying to God to keep me safe to survive from having h ē a r t ā t t a c k
before it reach one year.

some weeks later, a guy started working at our workplace, his name was Victor.

Victor was lover and fan of girls, he can go to any extent to have what he needs.

some months later, Victor and I became close friends., sometimes, we comes to work together and leaves together seeing as his house was miles away from mine.

one day, as me and Victor were having conversation, he told me…

“guy, i’ve been having ‘inter- course’ with a girl inside our work”.. he said.

“wow, really! so you’re dāting Cynthia our workmate”.. I asked out of curiosity.

“no ooh, I mean that dæd girl, the cute one that was admitted to our m ō r t u a r y last two days” he said while smiling.

I was shōcked!

“wait! you what!? ‘inter- course’ with a dæd girl!?”.. I shouted at him.

“you won’t understand, she is so cute, guy”.. he said.

“my advice to you as a friend is that it will be better if you stop it”.. I said as I concludes with the conversation.

after all my warnings, Victor still continued with what he was doing.

just a day before yesterday, Victor went to have ‘inter- course’ with her as usual, as he was trying to r ē m o v e his clothes, the girl said to him..

“wait! you always the first to r ē m o v e your cloths, today I will be the first to remove mine” she said to Victor while holding his hands.

Victor shouted and was about to ran out of the room when she appeared right in front of Victor.

“why are you running, sweetie? you’ve been satisfying me for a while now, so why are you running?”.. she asked Victor.

“please don’t do this to me, I’m begging you to let me leave, please I won’t do that again”.. Victor begged her as he was trembling with fears.

“why are you scared? why will I let you leave? aren’t you the one who have been having
inter- course with me for a while now? so why are you running? I must say! I’ve been enjoying it with you all this time”… she said as she was approaching Victor.

“No! no! nooooooooh! don’t come close to me! please!” Victor shouted as he was crying.

she was still approaching Victor.

as soon as she approached Victor, Victor shouted…

“B l ō o d of J e s u s!!”.. Victor shouted out loud.

as soon as Victor shouted, she stopped and slapped Victor, and Victor f a i n t e d
as soon as she slapped him.

To be continued.

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