“He Attacked Gen Ogolla’s Son” Gordon Opiyo Reveals


“Still on the lying Oburu, apart from lying that his Brother was unwell, he decided to break protocol by attacking the son to Gen Ogola, Joel… He lied that ” I investigated the Ouko death and warned his widow Christabel”.

Do you know where Oburu was in 1990 when Ouko died? Do you know where Oburu was in 1992?
Oburu was a civil servant, who had been given a job by Moi. He was based in Mombasa in the Ministry of Planning. He could not even attend a single rally. Unlike Raila, who was brave ( because of his limited education, he made up by excess drama and violence ) Oburu could not be seen anywhere near any political activity.

Just like his Luhyia name Kunywakus Wamalwa, his hobby was to gulp Goro Goros of Mnazi.
These people lie to the Luos because they know nobody will dig into their lies and for shamelessly attacking a young man at the funeral, I present his history here.
Shame on you Kunywakus Wamalwa Oburu”, Gordon Opiyo said. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more updates.


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