God is Always Good! Happiness Was Once Again Restored at Our House


My name is Loice and we were living in a marriage for four years. We had one child but since I got the child our marriage tended to be more boring as we compulsively lost interest to each other despite us living together.

Before life was good as the romance between my husband and I really stabilized our marriage to a larger extent. Things just changed after I had our first child. My hubby would not call me the sweet names he used to call me at first.He started calling me by my name or at some point he would call me “wewe mwanamke” before he would call me “sweet heart” “honey” and the rest which gave me a clear indication that he truly loved me.

We started living as like a brother and sister. After sometimes he would have some  unnecessary excuses for not showing love. Most of the times I advised him we really needed a serious conversation among us to at least solve our differences keeping in mind this was really ruining our marriage.

Despite us being in marriage, at first he would buy me gifts and other material things but since I got a child things changed immensely.He was not the only one who had lacked that interest in me but I also did not have any interest in loving him anymore.

I never understood what was really wrong in our marriage at this point. I did not want us to get a divorce with him since I wanted to grow old with my husband and always be there for him despite what came our way. Most of the times we visited family counselors for more just to get help but things turned to be messy each particular day.

We even tried to both of our parents advice and help to solve this issue but really nothing was really changing at any particular time. After a series of looking for assistance our family friend introduced us to Dr Mugwenu who we called and meet him in his offices.

Dr Mugwenu casted the love binding spells to our marriage were he assured us that things would turn to normality once more. Three days after being to Dr Mugwenu, things had started changing in our marriage. My husband appeared a more romantic and loving man once more.

He would now buy gifts, call sweet names at some point we even walked together down in the streets just exploiting love between the two of us. Thanks to Dr Mugwenu for his love binding spells which brought my marriage back to life.

He solves a range of life problems starting from family life problems like domestic violence, jealousy among relatives, casting out demonic spirits and more others.

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