Free Betika Midweek Jackpot Predictions for this week,13/4/2024: Win Ksh 15 Million


Betika stands out as one of the top jackpot options for Betting in Kenya. This weekend, it appears promising to secure a win, judging by the lineup of games in the jackpot. A substantial prize pool of Ksh 15 million is up for grabs, with bonuses awarded for getting 10 games correct.

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Below is a free analyzed Betika Midweek jackpot for this weekend:

1.Newcastle vs Tottenham—1or2

2.Atletico Madrid vs Girona—1X

3.Lecce vs Empoli—1

4.Mainz vs Hoffenheim—1

5.Bochum vs Heidenheim—1X

6.Nottingham Forest vs Wolves—X

7.Vallecano vs Getafe—1

8.Strasbourg vs Reims—2

9.Torino vs Juventus—X2

10.Bournemouth vs Man Utd—1or2

11.Le Havre vs Nantes—X

12.Las Palmas vs Sevilla—2

13.West Ham vs Fulham—1or2

14.Clermont vs Montpellier—2

15.Granada vs Alaves–2.

We wish you all the Best!!!


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