Finally they laid their late brother to rest, his body had been in the morgue for five years due to a land wrangle


A family in Kenya had been so much worried after a land wrangle led to their late brothers burial be carried forward for a fifth year now. According to one of the family members, they had really been having some land issues among their family member which really made it difficult to bury their late brother and now it was the fifth year where his body was lying in the morgue. Contact Mugwenu Doctors.

He added that they had been having very serious land wrangles and their gone brother and the other sibling had not clearly came to an agreement on who should get which portion of land.They had been trying to use several means like trying to use the relevant authorities like their area chief to at least solve the land wrangle but things were really not working as they expected.

No one wanted to listen to each other as each particular person came up with a different idea on how the land was to be equally shared. Despite all their efforts of resolving the issue, nothing was really coming to an agreement which meant their late brother’s body was to remain in the morgue for all those days.

Their close relatives never wanted to provide them with a solution as they preferred sidelining themselves away from the issue since once they tried solve it and brought some ugly chaos where one of them was lynched to death. The land registry department however did not provide the family with a clear solution.

The land court on the other hand failed completely to end the case on time where most of the times they would postpone the case or at times they would say the case files at each particular moment had lost.It was really an ugly scene as they knew their brother was in the morgue yet they were not able to bury him due to land wrangles between them.

After a long time of disagreement, they were directed to Dr Mugwenu who casted the land spells which were to allow equal sharing on the land. They finally had time to bury their brother at peace after the body had been in the morgue for five years now.

They thanked Dr Mugwenu for providing them with a long time solution that they had been really in need for such a long time. It was a story that really hit the media headlines keeping in mind the body had been lying in the morgue for five years. Good work to Dr Mugwenu for the solution.Dr Mugwenu spell casting powers always work within 24 hours, mostly happening the same day they are released.

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