EVANS MBOTE from Kisumu placed Kes 1000 on a multi-bet of 11 sure matches and won Kes 8 Million. He reveals his source of sure matches


Evans Mbote, a resident of Kisumu, has had a successful month after staking Kes 1000 on 11 sure matches, which allowed him to earn an impressive sum of Kes 8 million. The father of two children who has been a gambler for almost three years admits that things were not always easy for him because he used to lose more money than he won. When he discovered the incredible prediction platform called  SokaFans last month, everything changed. When we meet, he tells us about his path to success.

“I’m Evans Mbote, and I’m a parent of two children. I lost a lot of money on my first gambling experience, so it wasn’t good. But my life took a turn for the better when I discovered this incredible prediction platform called SokaFans. I never would have imagined the great effects SokaFans has had on my life. You may get over 95% correct daily and jackpot predictions on this platform,” he narrates.

For the majority of gamblers who depend on SokaFans on a daily basis, it has been a source of optimism. Numerous gamblers have attested to the fact that SokaFans has significantly improved their quality of life; some have built dream homes and driven fancy cars.

“Try SokaFans if you have been having trouble turning a profit from gambling, and you won’t be the same person. Thanks to SokaFans, I was able to purchase my dream car and make significant investments in other ventures. You are losing out on a fantastic chance to transform your life as a gambler if you haven’t used this platform yet,” he adds.

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