Do You Know Why Good People Can Have A Bad Marriage?


Because most people stop working on themselves immediately after they get married.

That good church boy “can” turn bad after marriage. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore start posting your beautiful photos.

In the same way, that good church girl can turn bad when faced with life issues.

So what is the secret to maintaining a good marriage?

Don’t let the situation change who you are.

You must be determined to maintain a right standing.

Continuously work on your marriage.

Don’t assume that you marry a good man so you would start behaving anyhow.

Don’t feel like because you married a good woman then you stop treating her well.

When you find a formula for maintaining your marriage, please don’t stop.

Ensure you always meet your husband’s demands.

Ensure you always meet your wife’s demands.

Even good people can turn into bad people when they are faced with challenges.

Help your spouse to continue being good.

Make life easy for your spouse.


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