Details Emerge On Former President Uhuru’s Retirement Money Expenditure


Former President Uhuru Kenyatta appears not to be using up his retirement money despite being allocated Ksh. 648.09 million on a 2023/24 financial year. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and enjoy more beautiful photos.

According to a report by the Controller of Budget (CoB) Dr Margaret Nyakang’o, he has only used Ksh. 199.25 million, which is approximately 30.7% of the budget for the first six months of the current financial year.

Here’s a breakdown of the retired president’s budget for this financial year.

  • Ksh. 120 million for foreign travel
  • Ksh. 56 million for domestic travel
  • Ksh. 51.09 million in basic salaries for permanent employees
  • Ksh. 49 million hospitality supplies
  • Ksh. 29.5 million for personal allowances paid as part of salary
  • Ksh. 25 million in fuel, oil and lubricants
  • Ksh. 23 million for insurance costs
  • Ksh. 18.8 million for routine maintenance of vehicles and other transport equipment
  • Ksh. 17 million for routine maintenance of other assets
  • Ksh. 6.2 million for communication services
  • Ksh. 5.75 million for printing, advertising and newspapers
  • Ksh. 5 million for office furniture
  • Ksh. 4.5 million for specialized materials and supplies.

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