Dangers Of Marry An Already Made Man


You see many girls are more interested in marrying boys who are doing well financially. To them husband material is one with a good job, car and house. Most of them do not realize that very few successful young men will bend for marriage. They do not consider the dangers of marrying a man who’s life you have not contributed anything. You just want to enter there and enjoy all the good things. What a shame !

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  1. They don’t change for any woman. If you found him taking alcohol, he will continue. If you found him womanizing he will continue womanizing that comfort zone cannot be abolished by marriage.
  2. You will have little say on what he has. When an already established man marries you, he doesn’t consider you as a person to value but a property to keep. He will be counting you among the things he owns. Many girls are treated like things and not humans because they love material things. With his money he bought you, with his influence he married you instead of other girls so he chooses to treat the way he likes.
  3. You will be eating crumbs. Have you heard girls saying it’s better to cry in a Benz than smile on a bicycle? Those are wives with cosmetic riches. Broken inside but intact outside. Hypertension kills them, they dies of depression. They drive cars but they have no drive within them. No hope no faith. They fail to step out of those abusive marriages because the day they will go is the day the cosmetic beauty will go. They are just keeping up appearances.

Marry a man who is just building himself up. A reasonable and sober man. A vision driven man, when you build together, the chances of breaking apart will be very low. Look for the brothers in Zion who are trying to put their lives together and build with them. It’s good to marry a visionary Christian especially if he has shown love for you even though he has nothing yet.

Note: This post is not suggesting that every built up man is the same, it means tread cautiously when confronted by an already made man and be careful not to lust after already made men, most of them belong to every girl you see on the streets.


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