Champions League Quarter Final Draw


The champions league quarter final draw has been released where several teams will be facing powerful opponents. According to the news which was shared on the social media platforms, Manchester city will be facing Bayern Munich. The quarter final draw has surprised many fans in the world as the were not expecting such draw.


• Real Madrid v Chelsea

• Inter Milan v Benfica

• Man City v Bayern Munich

• AC Milan v Napoli

“Watu wangu hapa ni nani ameangukia na ni nani ameangukiwa?

Mimi ni kama maombi yangu yamejibiwa”, one of the sports commentator called Stephen Mukangai asked his fans on the Facebook page.

It is now time for teams to prepare well in the coming quarter final. This has happened after Arsenal was defeated yesterday at night through penalty. What is your opinion about the draw which has been made today in the afternoon?

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