Before You Start Blacklisting Some Gospel Ministers, Read This


Before you start blacklisting some gospel ministers, I want you to read this.

Most times when I go to pray, I don’t sing songs that were sung by gospel ministers. See What KDF Officers Did To A Truck Driver Who hit their vehicle.

Sometimes when I search and I cannot find a song that resonates with how I feel at that moment, I compose my song.

I create my ss that resonate with my present state.

Sometimes I don’t care about the melody but the words I utter which communicate my worship to God.

There are times that I just want to vibe and dance, yes, that feeling of wanting to go to the club to dance and forget your sorrows.

Instead of that, I look for songs that have good lyrics that do not necessarily serve as worship to God.

I listen to those songs to ginger my body, make me forget my sorrows, or take away stress.

Now the problem is understanding when to sing those songs.

This is why I always tell people to be intelligent and use their brains.

If I am getting discouraged and I need to remind myself that there is a God in heaven who takes care of me, I will listen to “Daddy wey dey pamper” by Moses Bliss.

If I want to just vibe and ginger my body, I would look for some of Prinx Emmanuel’s songs.

When I want to have a quiet moment of deep worship or singing unto God, I may turn up Hillsong or songs like those of Nathaniel Bassey.

Listen, as long as they are not exalting the devil or promoting vices or immorality, there is nothing wrong with it.

It’s just like saying Christians who teach business people are bad people.

We all must not preach holiness; some are meant to just encourage people when they are feeling discouraged.

“No be say I dey craze, na God I dey praise oh.”

Nothing is wrong with this song; it just passes a message to people like us who are always calm during dancing sessions in Church.

That people do it anyhow does not make the song a bad one.

Maybe you have your life all sorted out, but some people have great testimonies that they cannot control themselves when it comes to the worship of God.

Please don’t throw stones at people.

Allow people to grow into the knowledge of themselves.

By condemning them, you are stopping them from fulfilling their purpose.

Yes, a Christian can sing motivational songs, and it is all fine.

A Christian can be a comedian, and it is okay.

A Christian can write educative books, and it is okay.

Choose what resonates with you at a moment.

You don’t have to paint anybody black.

They are our people; they are doing well.

Nobody has to be bad for others to be good.

We all can be good at doing our respective assignments. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more updates.


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