Beautiful Photos Of A Woman Linked To Eastleigh Robberies Who Attacked Somali Businessman


Woman Linked to Eastleigh Robbery Suspects Meets Grisly Fate

A middle-aged woman who was tragically killed alongside armed robbers caught on CCTV shooting and stealing Ksh 3.9 million from a 26-year-old Somali businessman in Eastleigh has been identified as ‘Esther’ or ‘Bobo Shanty’. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more updates.

Last week, the bodies of other suspects, Fredrick Kopo alias ‘Frik’ and Jaylan Kibe were found at City Mortuary having been collected from different locations.

Esther was also found at the same mortuary.

According to reports, Esther was in a romantic relationship with the main suspect and was among the group of friends who accompanied him to buy a car in Mombasa.

It is alleged that four days after the Eastleigh robbery, Kopo, Kibe and Esther went to Mombasa to buy a vehicle.

While they were at a car dealership, three men approached them and convinced them they had a better deal.

They allegedly followed the three men to a showroom in Mombasa and that was the last time they were seen alive.

Her body was found dumped in Ruiru.

Jaylan Kibe was buried on Tuesday in accordance with Muslim custom.

It remains unclear how they ended up dead in Nairobi County and how their bodies were collected from three different areas.

Kopo, Kibe and Esther are childhood friends.


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