“Babu Owino Be Mature” CS Murkomen Tells Babu Owino Over KDF Chopper Crash


The Embakasi East member of parliament Hon Babu Owino has raised many questions about the death of General Francis Ogolla. According to the news which was shared on the social media platforms, Babu Owino has allegedly claimed that there was a plan in the crash. However, the cabinet secretary for transport Hon Kipchumba Murkomen has asked the Embakasi East member of parliament Hon Babu Owino to be mature and shop politicizing everything. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and post mourning Photos of KDF Officers.


However much you are a politician, please do not politicise everything even misfortunes like accidents. Grow up and be sensitive to Kenyans and the families that lost their loved ones.

We’ve lost many people through accidents either by air or by road, do not be too quick to conclude. Give the investigators time to tell us what really happened.

I personally knew General Francis Ogolla after he was appointed CDF, he was mature, wise and calm man please accord him respect even when he is deceased.


The same military ranks that flies alongside with the President are the same rank that flew alongside Gen. Ogolla. Stop the pettiness.

There was no leadership wrangles in the military, there was no contest in succession. Gen. Ogolla would have clearly finish up his term and retire peacefully. FYI why would someone be interested in influencing the leadership of the military yet the same person has Presidency at hand? Be sensible.

The country is mourning the loss of 9 gallant military officers. Do not trivialise such a huge loss. Be human”, CS Murkomen said.


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