9 Warning Signals You Must Pay Attention To In Your Relationship


ANGER: If he/she easily gets angry when you have a little misunderstanding, he/she doesn’t tolerate jokes, be conscious before you committed to him/her.

THREATENING YOU: If he/she threatening to leave you when you have a little argument, he/she will threatening and may leave you in marriage, be wise. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more updates.

BEATING YOU: If he beat you up every time, if he slaps you during an argument, he will do the worst in marriage. Be wise.

LACK OF COMMUNICATION: If you are the only one that does all the calling, caring, messaging, texting… It depicts that you are forcing yourself on him/her. A man/woman that truly loves you will show it through his/her actions, he/she will not make excuses, they will find time to connect with you no matter how busy their schedule is. He/she will see you as their priority…Be sensitive.

WOMANIZER: If he womanizes, if you always see him with different girls, if he cheats on you on countless occasions, he may not change if you marry him. Look well before you leap.

HIDING YOU: If he/she hides you if he/she is not proud of you, if he/she fails to introduce you to his friends and family, it possible you are not his/her only option… Be wise.

MUMMY’S BOY/MUMMY’S GIRL: If he/she is a Mummy’s boy/girl, if he/she can’t make decisions by himself/herself, if he/she must consult his/her mum at all times before he/she can talk to you, his/her mum will influence him/her in marriage. Be wise.

LACK OF MATURITY: If he/she still behaves like a child, if he/she is not mature Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, Financially, etc. Marriage is not for kids, marriage is for mature. Be wise.

LACK OF VISION: If he/she doesn’t have visions, goals, and dreams, such a man/woman can not be responsible, you will be the one taking all the responsibility if you marry him/her. A woman without vision will be a liability to a man, and a man with no vision will be a burden to a woman.


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