7 Key Investments You Should Think About


7 Key Investments You Should Think About;

  1. Money Market Funds – Currently offering good returns [over 14%], easy to join and leave and is very flexible and liquid. Good for both short-term and long-term investment.
  2. Government Bonds – Good for long term investment, payment is twice per year at 14-18% and is one of the safest investments you can have.
  3. REITS – Real Estate Investment Trusts allow you to invest in pieces of Real Estate to the amount that you can afford.
  4. Saccos – Earn dividends on shares and interest on deposits every year.. watch your money grow and get access to affordable loans.
  5. Company Shares – Good for long term speculation.. earn dividends every year and earn capital gains when you sell off your shares.
  6. Rental Income – One of the safest investments around.. you can invest heavily in rental flats and apartments or commercial property or small small stalls. You can also rent out assets such as cars, events equipment, construction equipment etc.
  7. Royalties – Kenyan Music royalties are a joke! But you can still earn monthly on streaming sites and YouTube. Make money while you sleep as people enjoy your content/ music. You can also earn royalties from educational content on websites as well as writing and selling books.

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