7 Habits That Could Ruin Your Marriage


7 Habits That Could Ruin Your Marriage.

  1. Addiction To Anything.

When you are so addicted to something that you forget you are even married or have kids, things like social media, food, alcohol, drugs, gambling.

Some couples spend more than half of their days on phones than their husband or wife, and this is not good. It makes you look like you are married to a third partner because your full attention is now directed to another thing that’s not your wife or husband. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more updates.

Avoid getting addicted to something that will make you forget your partner or family. Remember family first before anything, say no to the addition of anything, such things have killed and ruined many relationships and marriages.

  1. Avoiding Intimacy.

Why will you avoid your partner when it comes to things couples do in marriage? If you keep avoiding your partner when it comes to intimacy, you are only killing your marriage and might make your partner start thinking out of the box or thinking of getting it other places, this might result in cheating.

Some people reject their husband or wife from having intimacy because they are not in the mood, but this might not be the problem, but your attitude towards your partner might be.

You don’t have to be always doing this. You are starving your partner when it comes to the basic things couples get married for, and this is not a good thing to do if you cherished and valued your relationship or marriage.

  1. Not Communicating.

Lack of communication can destroy any friendship, talk more of a relationship or marriage. Learn to communicate with your partner, no matter how busy you are. Create a chance to talk to your partner and know how they are feeling. You can communicate with your partner using social media, texts or calling them.

This will help you to improve the love in your relationship or marriage. Communication is very needed when it comes to a relationship or marriage.

  1. Treating Your Partner Like The Enemy.

No matter the misunderstanding or conflict you have with your partner, don’t get angry or treat your partner like an enemy for 24 hours.

Some people go as long as not talking to their husband or wife for weeks because they are angry with them or upset. This is very wrong and might cause more damage in your relationship or marriage.

You aren’t supposed to see your partner as an enemy in a relationship or marriage, so if you have this negative attitude, it’s better to stop it if you really love and cherish your relationship or marriage. Don’t get angry for more than 24 hours in your marriage or relationship.

  1. Forgetting The Little Things.

Be a man or woman of your words, your yes should be your yes. When you promise something, learn to fulfill it. Changing your mind or forgetting your promises might result in a little conflict in your marriage, and you know that’s not good. So learn to be a man of your words.

  1. Letting Someone Come Between You And Your Partner.

Marriage is for better and for worse. Never give anyone chances to come between you and your wife, no matter the misunderstanding, learn to settle things yourself. Don’t let your friends or people close to you make you pick a fight with your wife or husband because of what you hear from the outside world and not from the horse’s mouth, learn to trust your partner more than anyone else.

  1. Fighting For No Good Reasons.

Before having issues or a fight with your partner, ask yourself: am I right or wrong?

If my partner does this to me, will I be happy?

Is this thing worth fighting?

These are fighting fair guidelines:

Don’t try to be right; instead, try to solve the problem.

Consider your partner’s point of view.

Solve one problem at a time.

Don’t bring up past issues.

Avoid personal attacks and criticism.

Remember: Don’t use power tactics like guilt, threats and emotional blackmail. And never try to avoid or mute your partner after having a misunderstanding. A relationship or marriage is not a bed of roses, so couples can also have issues or little fights, but never mute or avoid your partner after a misunderstanding. God bless us all.


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