5 Signs He Doesn’t Want To Marry You



So is this guy serious?, or he’s just using the “I will marry you” line to get eligibility status and privileges.

Read on. Signs he may not marry you in the end.

1) He keeps postponing the D-day

He told you you’ll go see your parents or his parents next week, that was last week, he’s been singing that song since Nigeria gained independence till date.

He told you the wedding would hold next year, it’s been three years now,
He’s well to do financially, has a good job, is comfortable, but he’s busy giving excuses like a Nigerian Politician, my dear smell the coffee.

2) He was once nice, then he slept with you, maybe once, maybe severally, now he has changed drastically.

He keeps treating you harshly,
Insulting you publicly,
Shouting at you,
Putting you down before his friends,
Telling you “if you get tired of me, Leave, I’m not holding you back”

My dear, let me tell you what he is trying to do,
it’s called “Discharging by Ill treatment.”

Let me explain it to you

Guy sees girl, Guy asks girls out, Guy sleeps with girl, Guy continues to sleep with girl till he has had enough,
Then Guy begins to treat Girl harshly and disrespectfully,
Girl can no longer take the heat, Girl quits “Relationship”,
Guy Is now free to move on to the next victim,

Especially when a guy has slept with you and that was what he came for, one of the way he will try to discharge of you is to begin to act improper and disrespectfully to you.

Save yourself such treatment, close your Legs.

3) He can’t give a legible and rational answer to this question


Each time you ask him how long he intends for you guys and the Relationship to stay at the current level,

He will either flare up, get angry, refuse to talk about it,
tell you he’s in a bad mood, àwọn bad mood, oshei,
bad mood kò, mood swing ní.

or he’ll tell you to give him time, after five years, time, are you the god of time?
Time that you will never get back if wasted,

or he’ll try the victim card, “you are rushing me”

Which kind rushing him,
Aunty any Man that can not answer this question “where are we headed?” after one year Relationship, is a confused somebori,

Solution: Stop dating confused people.

4) He hides your Relationship from public knowledge.

See, there’s a difference between keeping a Relationship private, and hiding a Relationship.

When he’ll never snap pictures with you, if you do snap he’ll delete them, you’re not even friends on any social media platform,
are you not sure you are the side chic?
Kano Nwankwo, Super Sub.

The only thing you know about him is his phone number,

You people meet at an hotel, fast foods, every where except where he actually lives.

If he destroys his sim card tomorrow, you will never be able to reach him,
His house address, you don’t know
His office address, you don’t know.
His family members, you don’t know.

He’s been promising to take you to see Mama, and you have done abortions for him,

Ma you have nor see, talk less of MaMa.

But he promised you marriage again yesterday, after you sent him nudes,
Aunty, wake up and smell the beans burning on the fire.

This one will use you and dump you the way they dump take away pack once the party rice in it has finished inside wedding ground.

5) He has made you do abortion after abortion.

Which Man wants to marry a lady who may have damaged her womb due to series of abortion?
No Man,
even the Man who was the reason for the abortions self.

Check well, how many Men marry their girlfriends who have aborted for them severely?
I’m a counselor, I hear things I can’t all say.

It is still the innocent and naive Guys that will end up marrying the dumb Girls that have done series of abortions for the bad Guys..

If a guy is serious about you, he will either zip up till marriage, or he will do the needful should pregnancy occur, if he’s not ready for Marriage why then is he asking you to do what married people do with him?

Dear sisters, Wise up.
Don’t lose your Womb because of Man who sees you as nothing but a sex donor.

If you had made the mistake once, you have tried, next time he’s telling you “just small, I will be quick, I promise” please tell him “my mumu don do, no more, go and see my parents”

Let him put a ring on it,
no ringy no dingy.

I said 5, buh here’s another

6) He’s afraid of Marriage..
Yes some Men have marriage phobia, these one’s will tell you, “you will be the mother of my kids”

They will mention Mother, Father and kids, but never mention Wife, Husband because they want kids, not Marriage, they only intend to make you their baby Mama.
Awon celebrities, Mega stars, Star Boys. 👏

They will tell you to get pregnant first, give you belle, they won’t deny it oh,
they will even be happy,
but that is how you will become a BMAN (Baby Mama’s Association of Nigeria) Member

Don’t be fooled.

Most are lying
Many are promising
Few are fulfilling.

I always say, “wasted time is wasted life”

“killing time isn’t murder, it’s suicide”

Don’t waste time on Relationships that will end no where.
Even if it does not end in marriage, let it not end with you used, abused and exploited.
Date wisely.


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