4 African Countries That Held Demonstrations Today


Four mega protests scheduled for today the 20th March, 2023 across Africa:

In Tunisia, demonstrations organized by the Free Destourian Party in Tunis in opposition to President Kais Saied’s policies and constitutional amendments.

South Africa
Coutesy photo of South Africa

In Nigeria, protests against the recently released presidential results which were said to be forged.

In South Africa protests are aimed to overthrow the government due to multiple reasons and

In Kenya, protests against the government in the aim to address vital factors affecting the common citizen, including the rise in the cost of living, the revision of subsidies on basic commodities, reinstatement of the four IEBC commissioners, opening of IEBC servers among many more issues.

Coutesy photo

Despite that, many youths in the country have been injured from the demonstration which was led by the orange democratic movement party leader Hon Raila Odinga and his allies. It is now time for leaders to come together and agree on how Kenyans will be living in the country. Remember to maintain peace among each other.


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