2 Things Not To Do Early On In A Relationship



A Relationship is on the verge of beginning, or it has just begun,

You can’t believe your eyes and ears,

You: 1
Village people: 0

You are in a relationship, wow, you made it, you now have someone to tell all the sweet nonsense you have been rehearsing since.

Hey, calm down..

If you don’t, you will spoil something.

Relax.., take it slow,

Don’t become so possessive too soon, calling them 7 times a day, texting them all day, following them bumper to bumper, showing up at their place as if you don’t have work again, are you a sta.lker abi serial kí.ller?

Asking them to go out with you everyday, as if they don’t have a life of their own again.

Give them breathing space.

Be busy

Let them miss you. Scarcity drives up demand (and vice versa)

Don’t abandon your friends and focus on them, don’t stop reading, writing, working on your own life just because you want to give them attention. Remember to Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more updates.

Stop canceling all your appointments and schedules just to rush to their side.

You’ll come out as desperate and needy and your desirability will reduce.


It’s still early, you’re still getting to know them, and their capacity,

Be careful what you say early on in a relationship, it could backfire and chase them away.

Don’t dump everything about your exes, your family, your sufferings, your baggage all on them in the first few weeks of being In the relationship,

If they ask, no problem..
You can even say “don’t worry, I’ll tell you at the right time”

Learn to keep some information till later.

Certain informations can spook and scare people away before they have had a chance to get to know the real you.

Be Wise

For every single/dating/courting person out there, I pray you find the Relationship that will lead to the Marriage of your dreams. Read more.


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