11 Ways To Propose To The Lady You Love Before It’s Too Late



When Oral Roberts proposed to Evelyn in 1958, these were his words:

“My huge, happy, hilarious heart is throbbing, tumultuously, tremendously, triumphantly with a lingering, lasting, long lived loved for you. As i gave into your bewildering, beauterous, beaming eye, I am literally, lonesomely lost in a dazzling, daring, delightful dream in which your fair, felicitous, fanciful face is ever present like a colossal, comprehensive, constellation. Will you be my sweet, smiling, soulful, satisfied spouse?”

To which Evelyn replied: “Listen Oral, If you are trying to propose to me, do it in English Language”!!!

Many guys have lost the opportunity of getting married to the ladies they love because they dont know how to go about it

These tips will help you if you follow them!!!

  1. Don’t speak grammar like Oral Roberts so that the girl will not need to go home and check her dictionary to know what you really mean!!! Just be yoursef and present your proposal in a very simple way!!! You dont need grammar even if you are a professor of English!!!
  2. Never make a proposal to anyone that you are not friendly with at all. At least establish a rapport and some level of friendship before breaking the news!
  3. Don’t use religious terminologies such as “The Lord said you are my wife” or Without me in your life, you can not fulfill destiny” or “I had a dream…..” etc.

The lady does not just want to know “God said”, she wants to be sure you love her and not that God is just forcing you to marry her. By all means try to avoid “God said”……when you are proposing.

Make it plain and in simple language…….just tell her you love her and leave her to discover whether it was the Lord or not!

  1. Don’t pressurize a lady if she tells you that she needs time to give you an answer. Give her a breathing space. She may not be playing “hard to get”, In most cases its a genuine and sincere request. That is not the time to be visiting her everyday or escorting her after fellowship disturbing her peace all the time trying to force her to give you an answer. You may end up irritating her and causing her to hate you. She has a choice in this matter.
  2. If she belongs to a group or company, dont try to isolate her by only talking or relating to her, get along with the other ladies in her group or company. Be friendly to all her friends!
  3. Don’t be cunning. Don’t come under the guise of a pastor, mentor, Alfa or father in the Lord in order to win her consent. Ladies prefer guys with genuine and clear intentions not hidden under any cloak. So, even if you are her pastor, propose to her as a brother. Remember that she won’t be getting married to annointing.
  4. Don’t be too busy going around, trying to find out from people about her. You may never get along with her if she finds out. Remember that when you come together eventually in a relationship, you can know so much about yourselves.
  5. Don’t try to impress a lady with material things so as to influence her decision. You may not like the outcome. A virtuous lady wants to marry a man, not things.
  6. Having established a good rapport or friendship, do the proposal as you are led and be sincere. Sincerity is the rule of the game. Don’t try to be poetic; she might know the poem or song already. Be sincere!
  7. Prepare to receive a “yes” or “no” with gladness. You may be persuaded of God, she is your wife but if she says “no” respect it and dont break your friendship. A lady saying “no” to you is not the end of the world even if God spoke to you audibly. Move on!

It is immaturity to be embittered or harbor hatred towards a lady you once professed to love, simply because of a “no”. To most of the men of God or role models of our time, someone, somewhere had sometime said “no” but most of them are happily married today.

  1. Seek the face of God before making any move. Be sincere with God and with yourself and stop saying things like, “I must hook a fair complexioned, thin lady with a long hair” or “……..a well rounded bla, bla, bla “..Such things change. Do not walk up to a lady to propose marriage on the basis of sexual attraction because she has a dazzinling beauty! Just make sure that you are led by the Spirit and be sincere all long.

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Happy “Yes” to your proposal!!!
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