“We Will All Die” Here Is He Full Story


“We will all die” is a statement made by losers and it shows a very weak mentality.

Yes it’s true that we will all die and our graves will be the same size but the most important thing is the life you live. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more updates.

We live very different lives, we have different motivation, goals and challenges. Let no one lie to you that we are all living a mediocre life. A mediocre life is living without a purpose.

Don’t console yourself with the phrase “we will all die”.. trust me, your life can be very loooong especially if you don’t have a purpose. There are people who tried to cheat life and thought they could make it without putting in effort and time. Now they are in the village drinking from morning to evening and they’re used as an example, of what not to become, to little kids.

No one knows what will happen tomorrow but we have to be positive, we have to build ourselves so that we can live a fulfilling life. The worst thing you can ever experience is hunger and wanting things you can’t afford all your life.

Mine is to remind you that you were meant to be great. Don’t waste your potential living a mediocre life.

Misery loves company and anytime you find yourself in such company, ask yourself some serious questions.

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