There Are People Who Have Done Online Writing For Years But They Can’t Afford This


As a freelancer, you need to be very disciplined.

Trust me, there are people who have done online writing for years but they can’t even afford to buy a better laptop. The laptop they’re using is falling apart and has become a “desktop”..

Money doesn’t stay where it’s not respected.. it doesn’t matter how much you make, if you don’t spend it wisely, you will always be broke.

As a freelancer, you can wake up with zero shillings and by evening you have 40k in your account.. but the thing is, it might take you some days or weeks before you are paid again so if you go out for the weekend and spend all the cash, you’ll have to rely on loans to survive.

It is important, as a freelancer, to always have a budget and you have to save in order to invest. Let your money work for you so that you aren’t stranded during low seasons.

As a Photographer, Influencer, Video Editor, Events Planner, Digital Marketer, Web Developer etc.. always remember that sometimes you will get multiple jobs at the same time but at times you can even go 2 months without getting a well paying gig.

Don’t waste the money you make. Stay away from expensive habits such as gambling, drugs & alcohol, promiscuity and trying to be Deputy Jesus by sending everyone money.

Protect your money.

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