Sema Kimeumana! Police Officers Arrests 3 Youths Who Wanted To Robe A Bolt Driver Using Fake Gun


The police at Kasarani are currently holding two boys and one girl who attempted to robe a bolt driver. According to the news which was shared on the social media platforms, the driver drove very fast to the police station where they discovered that it was a fake gun. Sadly, the three young souls are currently in custody for attempting to robe with violence.

Bolt Driver,

A group of youngsters pulled off a daring stunt by fooling a Bolt driver into a journey from Juja to Kilimani. Midway through the ride, they unleashed a fake gun, attempting a carjacking that turned the tables.

Brace yourselves for the unexpected hero of our story – the fearless driver who didn’t back down. Instead, he drove them straight to the Kasarani police, putting an end to their reckless escapade.

Meet the characters: a 19-year-old girl and her accomplices aged 22 and 23. Now, they’re not just facing the consequences of a wild joyride, but the serious charges of robbery with violence. Lives shattered, futures uncertain

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