Sad As Kenyan Student Dies In a tragic Accident In Dallas, USA (Photos)


It is a sad news to the parents and friends of Leeford Muhia Nduru who was a student in United States after involving in a tragic accident. According to the reports which was shared to us, the accident occurred in Dallas United States where the vehicle which he was using, was destroyed to an extent that it cannot be repaired.

Leeford Muhia Nduru
Coutesy photo of the vehicle which she was using.

Leeford Muhia Nduru was among the lucky student who got a chance to study in United States. The cause of the accident has not yet been established as the police officers in Dallas continue with their investigation.

Leeford Muhia Nduru
How the vehicle was destroyed

The body of Leeford Muhia Nduru was taken to the mortuary waiting for the family and friends to pick it. It is a sad news to the whole family members of Leeford Muhia Nduru. May she rest in peace. Join our Whatsapp Group For More Breaking News Updates.


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