Photos: How Rigathi Gachagua Welcomed Ruto In South C Today

Ruto Jets To China

Ruto Jets To China

The president William Ruto today held a meeting with top leaders in South C where they discussed various issues of improving of country. According to the post which was shared on the social media platforms by the deputy president, the president William Ruto was welcomed in style by Hon Rigathi Gachagua.

The successful implementation of our Plan demands frequent consultations to update ourselves on what has been achieved and the ground we still need to cover to reach our targets.

The Pit-Stop approach to governance requires all of us to operate at our optimum levels for quicker delivery of services and implementation of projects.

Enhanced teamwork will ensure we realise our objectives geared towards improving the lives of our people.

The two-day Cabinet Pit-Stop Retreat at Edge Convention Centre in South C, Nairobi, was enriching for us who have been entrusted by President William Ruto to ensure faster delivery of his administration’s agenda.

We were honoured to have the President join us for this enriching convening; we must remain focused and committed as we help him serve and deliver to our people.

Rigathi Gachagua said.

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