Photos: How Peter Obi Was Received At the University Of Nigeria today


The presidential candidate Hon Peter Obi today visited the university of Nigeria where he was received in style by the students and also residents. According to the photos which was shared on the social media platforms by Hon Peter Obi, the residents came out in large number to welcome their presidential candidate.

Peter Obi
Coutesy photo

Hon Peter Obi addressed the residents who gathered at the University of Nigeria where he urged them to vote for him in the coming general election. It is now two months ahead of the general election and the campaigns has taken another step.

Peter Obi
Courtesy screenshot of Mr Peter Obi

According to the reports, the federal government has assured Nigerians that their will be the general election as planned and their is no plans of cancelling it. Nigerians are urged to maintain peace among each other ahead general election moves closer.


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