Nakuru Hustler Relieving Himself in Cave Finds KSh 4m


In January this year, Njoroge was herding his cattle in the bushes of Molo. The sun was hot and Kenya facing a severe drought.

He had a hard life, struggling to feed himself and his younger brother Mark, who had just been chased from secondary school due to school fees.

Njoroge dreamed of a better future, but life, as Kenyans say, was hard for them.

One day, as he was grazing his cattle, he felt the urge to relieve himself.

He looked around and saw a cave nearby. He decided to enter it and use it as a toilet. He was surprised by how clean and spacious the cave was.

He saw a raised rock in the corner and placed his machete on it before he unzipped his trousers.
But just before he could squat, he heard someone clear his throat behind him.

He turned around and saw an elderly man in a white robe, holding a mysterious swagger stick in his left hand. The man had a long beard and a kind face, but his eyes were piercing.

“Unataka kufanya nini hapa, hiyo ni tabia mbaya saana. I will punish you for that. Should I?”, the old man asked, sending Njoroge in fear.
Njoroge quickly zipped up his trousers and bowed his head.

He apologized profusely and begged for mercy. He explained that he was poor and hungry.
The old man smiled and said: “Do not be afraid; I know your troubles. I have listened to your heart and I have come to help you.


Go and call your brother, I have something to tell you both.”
Njoroge dashed outside and held his brother, who was curious about what was going on.

He dragged him inside the cave, hoping to meet the old man again. But when they returned, they did not find the man.

However, on the flat surface where he had placed the machete, there was a paper. It contained predictions for 17 matches and a KSh 500 note.

There was also a note that read:
“Buy some food for yourself and your brother. Use KSh 100 to bet on these matches. Trust me, you will win. This is your chance to change your life. Do not waste it.”

Njoroge was stunned. He wondered who the old man was and how he knew about his situation. He felt a mixture of doubt and hope. He decided to follow the instructions and see what would happen.

He took the paper and the money and ran to the nearest shop. He bought some bread and milk for himself and his brother. They ate with joy, feeling full for the first time in days.

Then he went to their neighbor and borrowed a phone, he placed the bet prayed for a miracle.
Njoroge, a Manchester United die-hard, had tried to bet before, but he had stopped due to poverty. He knew the odds were against him, but he hoped for the best.

The next week, he was called by a landline number and was informed that he had won KSh 4 million in the weekly jackpot. He had predicted all the 17 matches correctly.

He screamed with joy. He had become a millionaire overnight.
He thanked the old man and God for this blessing. He decided to use the money wisely and improve his life.

He paid the fees for his brother and enrolled him back in school. He repaired their house, bought five cows and started a dairy business in Molo. He is now respected.

Good luck charms.
He also remembered to call Mugwenu doctors, who had helped him with a good luck charm. According to Mugwenu doctors, the charm would clear all the bad luck in his path and attract more blessings.

They also gave him a pendant for his brother to wear, to help him in his academics. When they met the old man, Mark had just joined class 8, his performance was bad.

He recently sat his KCPE, and he scored 413, thanks to Mugwenu Doctor’s academic charms and spells that help students focus and retain content.


Football fan/player celebrating a win surrounded by social media icons.[/caption]
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