KU student, TONY NZIOKA, flaunts cars and houses he owns through Sport Betting. Says he make Kes 100,000 everyday


Economically constrained Kenyan students are exploring sports Betting as an alternative means of income, opting to supplement their finances rather than solely depending on loans or parental assistance, all the while maintaining their focus on academic pursuits. Tony Nzioki, a fourth-year student at Kenyatta University, has adopted sports Betting over the last four years to finance his living expenses and educational fees. Despite pursuing a degree in economics and statistics, the 22-year-old engages in sports Betting activities on platforms such as Sportpesa and Betika.

“Over the last four years, my involvement in gambling has been a mix of successes and setbacks, with wins and losses balancing out. However, last month stood out as a remarkable achievement when I reached my largest victory yet. By placing a bet of Kes 400 on a multi-bet featuring seven guaranteed matches, I landed a substantial payout of Kes 750,000 in pure winnings,” he says.

“Recognizing that my frequent losses stemmed from relying on poor analyzed predictions and mere guesswork, my fortunes took a turn for the better when a friend introduced me to an outstanding prediction platform called SokaFans about a year ago,” he narrates.

Tony is part of a growing community of gamblers whose lives have experienced a significant turnaround through the use of SokaFans. The primary reason for many Betting losses is relying on guesswork and inadequately analyzed predictions. However, with the right approach, Betting can become a highly lucrative endeavor.

“Since incorporating SokaFans into my gambling strategy, I’ve enjoyed an impressive string of consistent victories almost daily. These successes have allowed me to purchase two cars, and I’m presently saving up to construct a house for my parents in our village. Frequently, I contemplate how deeply my life has been transformed by SokaFans. Gone are the days when I depended on HELB loans to support myself during my school years. Occasionally, people mistakenly assume that I come from a privileged background due to the lifestyle I now lead,” he adds.

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