Here Is A Dedicated Poem To Kenyatta University


Dedicated to Kenyatta University
Mama, Am coming back home
It’s not End of Semester,
We did not riot,
Neither is it End Year,
Mama am coming home.
Am coming,
But am formless,
I can’t walk Mama,
I will be in a box Mama,
I heard them call it Casket
That they will take care,
Of damages Mama,
We are now damages,
Mama am coming home
The brakes failed Mama,
Jomba our good driver tried,
Jomba struggled,
Jomba wailed,
Jomba hooted,
Jomba swerved,
We saw him sweat,
It’s not him Mama,
But the brakes,
Mama am coming home
Mama I forgot to tell you,
I play soccer,
Ooh,I used to play soccer,
I was the Messi of Kenyatta University,
To represent KU,
In the competition,
That never was,
Mama am coming home
Mama, you had sold Rose,
Our only cow,
To clear my fees,
Last week,
But the brakes ,
Didn’t hear any of that,
Mama you had cleared,
The hostel fee,
You had refilled the gas,
Before I use it,
Mama am coming home
Broken, disfigured
Mama I don’t have it,
I don’t have the Degree
The brakes,
Couldn’t allow me finish,
It’s not my fault,
Never to fit a gown,
Lights are out Mama,
It all dark in here,
Mama am coming home
Could this be the saying;
That kwenda Mombasa raha;
Kurudi ni Matanga?
Tell my younger sister,
To take up my desk,
At Kenyatta,
Bye Kenyatta University,
Be kind,
To my little sister,
Bye Mama.

Rest In Peace Comrades😭😭.

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