Bad News To State Officials As Secret Agents Plans To Spy Their Accounts, Newspaper


The Star newspaper today is talking about the state officials who have been taking Kenyan’s money without showing how it was used in terms of development. According to the newspaper, the secret agents are expected to start spying their accounts so that those who have been taking money from the government illegally can be arrested and taken to court. This has come when the government of Kenya kwanza has been using alot of money in a short period of time while many Kenyans are suffering due to high cost of living.

Despite the president William Ruto warning his cabinet secretaries for misusing the public money, alot of the fund has been misused by many state officials. It is a good idea for the spy agents to do their jobs so that those state officials can be brought to account if found with more money in their accounts. It is also time for Kenyans to work together so that we can give the president William Ruto and his team time to build the economy of our country.

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