14th Oct Taifa Leo Newspaper: Pasta Ezekiel Amruka Mackenzie


The Taifa Leo newspaper headline is talking about the famous Shakahola pastor who was arrested in the past months. According to the newspaper, it is revealed that the Good New Life church pastor Ezekiel Odero said that he doesn’t know Paul Mackenzie.

According to the Newspaper, Paul Mackenzie was arrested in the past few months where he has been in the custody for more than two months. Pastor Ezekiel was also arrested by the police officers for allegedly working with the Paul Mackenzie in taking the lives of poor people at Shakahola forest. Unfortunately, Paul Mackenzie will remain in custody for more days after his friend pastor Ezekiel was unable to defend him.

Despite that, it is now time for all pastors in the country to be registered so that they can preach the true word of God to worshipers.

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